More likes & comments. Organically.

Reveal any Instagram profile’s top-performing posts, filtering by most-liked, most-commented and more.

By learning what works with your competitor’s audience, you can easily maximize the engagement of your own posts.

Step 1. Add the free plugin to your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2. On any public Instagram profile, click the Analyzer icon at the top right of your browser and choose your report settings.

Done! Sit back as it goes to work. In a few seconds, you’ll have a report revealing their top performing content.


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Content is king. It’s time to build your kingdom.


Analyzer is designed to save time. You can analyze over 10,000 posts in a minute, which is equal to 40-80 hours of manual work from a live assistant.


Analyzer is easy to use. It takes less than 1 minute to set up, and a single click gives you access to powerful insights.


Analyzer helps you bring attention to your Instagram profile by learning what works for your competitors. Anyone and any business can use it to grow their Instagram account.


Analyzer shows you exactly what type of content resonates best with your competitor’s audience.

Social media marketers can save 8-10 hours a week on content planning and competitive analysis.

Our users have reported upwards of 170% increase in engagement, and 610% increase in reach on hashtag performance.


Analyzer doesn’t need your Instagram username or password to operate.

It also doesn’t send your Instagram activity to a remote server. Your data is secure and stays local. It is infinitely more secure than cloud based services that share one IP address for dozens of users.


Everything you want to know.


Can I cancel my PRO license?

Any time. Just email us at support@creatorplaybook.com. No questions asked.

What is Analyzer?

Analyzer is a social marketing insight tool. It replaces a human Virtual Assistant by collecting information on your competitor’s Instagram content.

When you analyze a profile, a report is downloaded that you easily can filter by most-liked, most-commented and more.

By seeing which of their posts perform the best, you can get inspiration for your own content to consistently produce strong results.

How many profiles can I analyze?

As many as you want! The free version is limited to the 15 most recent posts of each profile. The Pro version allows you to analyze every post, and can even filter by date range.

Will other accounts know I analyzed their profile?

No. The information is publicly available, so the other account can’t tell that you analyzed their profile. Your report is simply downloaded as a CSV file to your computer.


How do I read the report?

When you analyze a profile, it will instantly download a CSV file that you can open in Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers.

We recommend first sorting the Likes column by largest to smallest. This will show you their most popular content at the top of your list.

Another useful option is to sort the Comments column by largest to smallest. This will reveal posts that sparked conversation among their audience.

What should I do with all this (awesome!) information?

It’s up to you! We don’t suggest outright copying your competitor’s content – that’s plagiarism. Spend some time reviewing the post to understand why their audience reacted so strongly. Apply those learnings to make your next post pop!

I posted the exact same thing as my competitor – why didn’t I get the same results? 

While your audience might be similar, you don’t have the exact same people following you. That’s why it’s important to use these insights to create content that is unique to your own brand.


How do I upgrade to the PRO version?

We use Stripe to register and process transactions, because it’s the most secure payment platform out there.

You can purchase the PRO version from the Analyzer popup by clicking the red GO PRO button at the top right of the plugin status screen.

You will need to be signed in to Chrome in order to make a purchase since your purchase is stored in your Chrome Profile ID.

Is a PRO license purchased per Instagram account?

As long as you are signed in to Google Chrome, you can use Analyzer with any Instagram account. Billing is based on your Google Chrome Profile ID.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Analyzer is provided as is. We do not offer refunds even if it was shut down or became dysfunctional due to third party actions. Please read our Terms of Services for more info.

We suggest checking that Analyzer FREE works for you before you upgrade to a PRO license.


How do I migrate PRO to another computer?

To migrate your PRO license to another computer, simply log into Chrome under the same email account you purchased Analyzer with.

Please also make sure that Sync is ON under the chrome://settings page in Chrome.

How long does PRO take to upgrade?

Once you purchase a PRO license, it should take about 60 seconds to update in your browser. If you are experiencing issues, try the following:

1. Refresh the page, and open the plugin.

2. Make sure that you are signed in the Chrome. To sign in, open Chrome and navigate to accounts.google.com.

3. Make sure that you are logged in to Chrome with the same email address that you used to purchase your PRO license at checkout.

4. Your card has insufficient balance, or has expired. You will receive an email from us if this happens.

Why don’t I see the Analyzer icon in the Chrome menu?

Please make sure that Analyzer is installed and enabled under chrome://extensions page in Chrome. If the plugin is missing, you can reinstall it from the Chrome Store.

Also check to make sure that the Analyzer icon is not hidden under the Chrome menu. Click the ‘three dots’ icon at the top right of the Chrome window, then right click the Analyzer icon and press ‘Keep in Toolbar’ option.


Have another question, suggestion or request?

We’re here to help! Just reach out via email at: support@creatorplaybook.com


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